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Life can be trying at times and it's can be difficult to receive when your cup is full.  Sometimes we all just need a safe space to pour out so that we can make room. 

Launch The Vision Sis! Coordinating Journal 

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This is not your average devotional. It was designed with purpose. If you're like me, you love a good daily read. It's usually an uplifting scripture reference that gets lost in the shuffle of our daily task. With That in mind, God gave me a more purposeful way to get our daily word but to also do simply task to help us apply the lesson with the intention to reach an expected end. We can read forever and while it's a great practice if we are not applying it it's just words on a page. This devotional is designed to help you discover God's vision for your life. You can't really launch a vision if you can't identify it. So join us as we take 2023 to discover God's purpose and plan for our lives. There is greatness in all of us we just have to see it!