Launch The Vison, Sis  Conference Series 


To get you all started we thought it would be fun to start off with a private yoga session, brought to you by Auhona. This session will be 30 minutes of Yin-Yang style yoga to give us not only a nice stretch but also clear our minds. Grab your ticket(s) as there are limited seats! 

Conversational Cocktail/Mocktail Segment

Enjoy this fun-filled presentation by our amazing co-host Courtney on how to mix up one of her original cocktail/mocktail recipes that you will receive prior to the event. So, if you're having conference jitters, you don't want to miss this segment because we will be mixing up conversations and great music to help us get ready for the panel discussion. Grab your ticket(s) early so your gift bag gets delivered on time. 

Launching The Vision

A 2-hour panel discussion featuring exclusive tips from women who have not just launched the vision but are also in the midst of their healing journey. We will share what it really takes to walk in your God-given purpose and breathe life into the vision, including branding, finding your target audience and marketing strategies among other things. We will also open the floor for a Q&A segment. Grab your ticket(s) now! Limited seating is available. 

Meet My Amazing Panel of Visionaries 

Lisa Taitt-Stevenson

Host of Let's Talk RnR podcast, Author of over 9 titles,  Owner of Living with Intention and LWI Publishing

Courtney Bridges

Host of From Pain to Peace Blog and Podcast, Author and Owner of Conversational Cocktails

Sojourner James

Social Media Influencer, Co-Creator of #theblackgirlfollowtrain on tiktok and creator of Virtual Black Wallstreet

Kierra Anderson

Owner of The Anderson Home Group and Pamper Palace Luxury Kids Spa